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All rates below exclude parts, except for boiler service which includes a nozzle. Breakdowns are charged at the relevant hourly rates. Free estimates are given for new installation or boiler replacements

Oil Boiler service£125
Oil Boiler Service (heavily sooted)£175
Heat Pump Service – what’s included?£175
Heat Loss Survey£350
Weekday hourly rate (first hour)£85
Weekday hourly rate (after first hour)£50
Weekday hourly rate (after 5pm, first hour)£95
Weekday hourly rate (after 5pm, after first hour)£65
Weekend hourly rate (first hour)£105
Weekend hourly rate (after first hour)£75
Weekend hourly rate (after 5pm, first hour)£125
Weekend hourly rate (after 5pm, after first hour)£105
Public holiday rate (per hour)£125
Current rates for 2024