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We are certified to install Homely…

Homely is a smart way to control and optimise a heat pump. Heat your home efficiently and reduce your heating bills by up to 25%.

Homely will optimise your Heat Pump thereby increasing its efficiency. Heat pumps are different to boilers and some things will become apparent quite quickly.

  • Your heat pump will be on a lot – that’s as it should be. Heat pumps work best when they heat the home gently and constantly. You can still achieve savings because they are so efficient and Homely is taking that to the max.
  • Your home is heating gradually so your radiators don’t need to be hot to the touch.
  • The best of both worlds. How so? Homely runs your heat pump in the most efficient way possible, which is slowly and constantly. That means a comfortable, consistent cosiness, delivered in most optimised way possible.

Homely is compatible with the following manufacturers