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Oil Boiler Breakdown in Kinellar

Photocell replacement in Kinellar, Aberdeenshire

I was called to a Worcester Greenstar Camray 18/25 that had stopped working.

The boiler had locked out and when reset, it would go through the purge cycle, fire up for around 3 seconds and then lock out again. This is a common fault and led me straight to check out the photocell.

I removed the photocell and checked it using an ohm meter, which confirmed that it was faulty. Replaced the photocell with new part and it fired up and remained functioning.

While I was doing that, I noticed that the heating side expansion vessel was full of water. I de-pressurised the system, removed the expansion vessel and re-pressurised it to 3bar as per manufacturer instructions. It seemed to hold pressure.

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