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TRV replaced

Replacing a TRV (thermostatic radiator valve) is a straight forward job, but a few specialist tools are required and the heating system will need to be drained down.

Trv replaced in Ellon

How to replace a TRV

  • Drain the central heating system.
  • Remove the TRV head.
  • Remove the old TRV body from the radiator and connecting pipework being careful to catch any residual water left in the radiator.
  • A new olive needs to be fitted in order to ensure a leak free system. Remove the old olive from the pipework using an olive removing tool.
  • Fit the new TRV body remembering to use PTFE tape on the radiator tail.
  • Pressurise the system adding inhibitor if required.
  • Bleed all the radiators.
  • Check for leaks.

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